Jean Slater uncovers surprising secret about unidentified Maya Houssain on EastEnders.

Fans think there is a hidden side to Maya, and it seems like Jean has discovered the truth.

June 21st 2024.

Jean Slater uncovers surprising secret about unidentified Maya Houssain on EastEnders.
Jean Slater had been feeling uneasy about Maya, Harvey's new friend in EastEnders. Despite her arrival last month, Maya's true intentions remained a mystery. However, Jean was about to uncover a shocking discovery about her partner's new BFF.

It all started when Harvey and Maya made plans to watch the England match at The Vic. Jean couldn't help but feel jealous as they bonded over their love for football. But when Maya suddenly got a headache, they decided to continue the game at the Slater house.

As Maya charmed her way into the Slater household, Jean couldn't help but warm up to her. But things took a sudden turn when Jean went to check on Maya in the kitchen and was left stunned by what she saw.

The question on everyone's mind was, what had Jean walked in on? The mysterious arrival of Maya in Albert Square had caused quite a stir, with many speculating that there may be more to her than meets the eye. Her quick bonding with Harvey over football only added to the speculation.

In an earlier conversation, Maya had opened up to Harvey about losing her husband, leaving viewers wondering if there was a hidden motive behind her friendship with Harvey.

And now, as she was invited to watch the England match at the Slaters' house, the question remained, what was Maya hiding?

But that wasn't the only thing that caught people's attention. When Harvey had asked Tommy Moon to help him find Maya online after losing her number, they discovered that her surname was Hussain, a name that was familiar to EastEnders fans.

Back in 2021, Harvey's son Aaron Monroe was involved in a far-right gang that targeted people in racial hate crimes. One of their victims was a taxi driver named Mr. Hussain, who thankfully survived but was left with serious injuries.

And when Maya revealed that her husband used to be a cabby, fans couldn't help but wonder if he was the man Harvey's son had attacked. Was Maya out for revenge?

As Jean continued to process her discovery, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Could Maya's friendship with Harvey be part of a bigger plan? Only time will tell.

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