General Hospital stands up against racist attacks on Tabayna Ali, a Black actress.

Tabyana Ali, a well-known actress, is fed up with online trolls who make racist comments.

June 21st 2024.

General Hospital stands up against racist attacks on Tabayna Ali, a Black actress.
The popular soap opera, General Hospital, has taken a bold stance against racism after a troubling incident involving Black actress Tabyana Ali and some viewers. In a powerful statement on June 18th, the show's official Twitter account declared that they do not tolerate any form of hatred or bigotry, and that racism has no place in the fictional town of Port Charles. Ali showed her appreciation for the show's support by retweeting their message.

This statement came after Ali received a barrage of racist online harassment and bravely spoke out about it. In an earlier post on June 9th, she responded to her detractors with grace, saying, "To anyone who hates me, that's absolutely fine." She continued, "Regardless, I'm sending you peace, safety, and prosperity."

Ali's fellow cast members also showed their support for her. Nancy Lee Grahn, who stars on General Hospital, strongly condemned the racist attacks, stating, "We condemn and reject it. We stand by our friend and colleague in her dignified and gracious response. There's no place for racism of any kind in our beloved GH community." Genie Francis and Maura West also voiced their support, with West praising Ali's "strength and loving, open heart."

However, this incident has sparked a larger conversation among viewers about Ali's character and storylines. Some fans have expressed concern that her character, Trina, is being used as a "prop" for other characters, particularly her onscreen friend Josslyn, played by white actress Eden McCoy. One viewer commented on a post showing the two characters together, saying, "...Trina needs a storyline and not to be a prop for other people on the show." Another urged the show to "end this one-sided friendship."

The controversy has also brought attention to issues of representation in promotional materials. Fans questioned why Ali was not tagged in a social media post featuring the two characters, with Ali only appearing in a small corner of the frame.

According to NBC News, Ali joined the cast in 2022 and is the third actress to play Trina Robinson. As this situation unfolds, ABC is reportedly working closely with Ali and her team to address the racist trolling she has endured, as reported by Deadline.

This unfortunate incident has shed light on the need for continued efforts to combat racism and promote diversity in all forms of media. General Hospital has taken a stand against hate, and it is heartening to see Ali's castmates standing by her and advocating for positive change. Let us hope that this serves as a reminder to all of us to spread love and acceptance, and to never tolerate bigotry in any form.

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