Coronation Street reveals the person who will uncover killer Joel's identity, but it's not Dee-Dee.

Will he finally face the consequences of his actions?

June 21st 2024.

Coronation Street reveals the person who will uncover killer Joel's identity, but it's not Dee-Dee.
He's feeling guilty, full of remorse for his actions. There's been a lot of talk about secrets lately, especially between newly engaged couple Dee-Dee Bailey and Joel Deering, the killer from Coronation Street. But it seems like someone else in the neighborhood may be onto them...

As avid viewers of the popular ITV soap know, Lauren Bolton disappeared from her flat back in February. When the police found blood in her flat, suspicions quickly fell on Roy Cropper, who had been seen befriending Lauren and trying to cover up any evidence of her disappearance. But as we all know, things are not always as they seem.

The real culprit behind Lauren's disappearance and murder is none other than paedophile Nathan Curtis, who is currently serving time for the crime. However, fans of the show know that the truth always comes out in the end. And in a dramatic turn of events, it was revealed that Joel and Lauren had a previous sexual relationship, and that he was the one who killed her.

Recently, Joel proposed to Dee-Dee, but their engagement has been kept a secret from his parents. He feels conflicted about keeping this big news from his family, and in tonight's episode, he confides in Dee-Dee about his sadness. These two have had a rocky start, with Dee-Dee's upbringing and job choices causing tension between them.

As he heads out to work, Joel bumps into Sabrina Adetiba, an ex-girlfriend of Max Turner and Lauren's neighbor. Sabrina is at the police station waiting to see if her brother, Gav, will be released. Joel offers her legal support, but when she reveals they can't afford it, he quickly suggests an "alternative arrangement" and hands her his business card.

But as Sabrina's friend arrives and gives Joel a menacing look before heading inside, it makes one wonder: does she know something about him? Could Sabrina be the one to expose his secrets? Or will she become his next victim?

Interestingly, this scene mirrors Joel's very first appearance on the show, where he represented Lauren after she vandalized Audrey Roberts' salon. It's almost as if this was foreshadowing the events to come.

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