Wendy Williams' documentary exposes her son's $100K Uber Eats expense, sparking reactions on social media.

Wendy Williams revealed her financial struggles, including her son's $100K Uber Eats charge.

February 26th 2024.

Wendy Williams' documentary exposes her son's $100K Uber Eats expense, sparking reactions on social media.
The highly anticipated Where is Wendy Williams? documentary finally made its debut on Saturday, February 24th, and it certainly did not disappoint. The four-part series provided an intimate look into the personal life and financial troubles of the former talk show host.

One of the most jaw-dropping revelations in the documentary was the staggering $100,000 bill for Uber Eats that was accumulated by Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr. In the documentary, the 21-year-old explained his mother's extravagant lifestyle, which ultimately led to Wells Fargo accusing the family of financial misconduct.

During an interview with producers, Kevin Jr. shared, "When my mom was living down here, as one can imagine, it's not a cheap lifestyle. The courts tried to frame it as though I was making all these charges for my own happiness." He also revealed that all of the expenses were charged to one American Express card, whether it was flying his mother on private planes or paying for various appointments.

However, Williams' nephew, Travis Fannie, shed some light on the types of charges that were called into question by Wells Fargo. In a clip shared online, Fannie stated, "I think the amount of money they questioned Kevin about for spending was like $100,000. To put it into perspective, Kevin's birthday party that his mom threw was $120,000. Kevin's rent was $80,000. Kevin's Uber Eats probably exceeded $100,000 that his mom approved."

In another clip, producers asked Kevin Jr. if he had ever taken money from his mother's account without her knowledge, to which he replied, "Not without her consent."

The shocking news of Wells Fargo freezing Williams' accounts due to her son's suspicious transactions caused quite a stir on social media. While some criticized Kevin Jr. for his spending habits, others questioned the bank's actions and their control over Williams' assets.

One Twitter user pointed out, "Notice he had a Freudian slip," while another added, "His answer tells me 'manipulation' is his way of getting what he wants. He knows how she feels about him and will do whatever to make sure he's good. He capitalizes off her mental illness and uses her funds to enjoy life."

Many also directed their criticism towards Wells Fargo, questioning their ongoing control over Williams' finances. "They froze her accounts because of that? Okay, I'm sure she handled that, so what's the hold up now? That's HER money," one person wrote. Another added, "They froze this lady's account before she even got sick, and she's been trying to get her money for years. During her divorce, she made it clear that she pays her son's rent because she can."

The documentary has certainly sparked a lot of conversation and divided opinions, and it's clear that this is just the beginning of the drama surrounding Williams' personal life and finances.

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