The Weeknd addressed criticism of a sexual scene in his video "The Idol."

No allure or intrigue; it's just plain and mundane.

June 14th 2023.

The Weeknd addressed criticism of a sexual scene in his video
The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, has co-created and co-written the HBO series The Idol, in which he also stars as Tedros, the seedy leader of a modern-day cult. The five-part series, described as the ‘sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood’, depicts scandalous scenes involving instances of masturbation, choking and a photo of Jocelyn with bodily fluids on her face.

The Weeknd has recently defended the sex scenes featured in the series. Speaking to GQ, he stated that there was nothing ‘sexy’ about them, and that they were meant to be ‘cheesy and hilarious’. He also drew comparison to the film Basic Instinct, which contains both ‘sexy’ and humorous moments.

The scenes have left viewers shocked, with one person on Twitter writing that they ‘lost respect’ for the Weeknd after watching the scenes. Others have labeled it ‘torture porn’, however the Weeknd has expressed that he is ‘loving’ the reaction.

According to a source, Johnny Depp is ‘proud’ of daughter Lily Rose for her role in the controversial series. The first two episodes of The Idol are available to stream on NOW and Sky Atlantic.

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