The 3 bedder

Someone I know was in the hospital because of a bad back problem. This friend was in a room with 3 beds (a.k.a. a 3 bedder)

As he lay flat on his bed, he found himself envious of the 2 others who could just get up and do simple things – like go to the bathroom or simply stretch after long hours on the bed.

We spoke of this as we wondered if there’s anything else we take for granted as much as good health.

Every one of us in the conversation spoke about how we all go through when we fall sick. Our body is top of mind when it isn’t working but just retreats all the way to the back when it is fine.

So let’s take a moment to appreciate everything about our health that’s working today. Take a deep breath, stretch, squat, jump, sleep, and appreciate how our body processes the food we eat.

Everything goes south when our health goes south. And while it is on us to do what we can to keep it from going south, let’s appreciate all that’s working. There’s always more to appreciate than we think.

And, if we’re struggling to do so, let’s remember this friend in the 3 bedder.