Past nanny drops lawsuit against Diddy for being fired

Employee of mogul from 2018-2020, Raven Walden, dropped the case with prejudice.

April 13th 2024.

Past nanny drops lawsuit against Diddy for being fired
A surprising turn of events has occurred in the legal battle between entertainment mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs and his former nanny, Raven Walden. Walden has unexpectedly decided to dismiss the wrongful termination lawsuit she had filed against Diddy, claiming that she was wrongfully fired from her job.

According to reports, Walden had worked for Diddy from 2018 to 2020, caring for his twin daughters, Jessie James and D'Lila, after the passing of their mother, Kim Porter. However, Walden's employment came to an end when she informed Diddy that she was pregnant. She believed that this was the reason for her dismissal and decided to take legal action against the rapper.

In her lawsuit, Walden stated that she was told by Diddy's team that he did not want an unwed pregnant woman taking care of his daughters, as it would set a bad example for them. However, Diddy's representative explained that Walden was only hired as a temporary babysitter and her services were no longer needed as the girls were growing up and attending school for most of the day.

Diddy's attorney also responded to the lawsuit, stating that Walden's termination was due to her poor performance on the job, not because of her pregnancy. They requested that the lawsuit be dismissed, citing Walden's failure to meet the standards and policies set by Diddy and his team.

Walden had also claimed to be Porter's niece, but Diddy denied any family ties between them. This legal dispute is just one of many that Diddy is currently facing, including accusations of sex trafficking and other alleged crimes.

The most recent lawsuit, filed by music producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones, alleges that Diddy sexually harassed and assaulted him, as well as drugged and threatened him for over a year. This came after Diddy's ex-girlfriend and recording artist, Cassie, filed a lawsuit in 2023, accusing him of raping and physically abusing her for more than a decade. Diddy chose to settle the case the very next day.

It seems that Diddy is facing a string of legal issues, and only time will tell how they will be resolved. But for now, the unexpected dismissal of Raven Walden's lawsuit has brought a new twist to the ongoing legal drama involving the music mogul.

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