Lizzo considers giving up music due to online negativity.

She expressed that the criticism has negatively affected her mental well-being.

March 31st 2024.

Lizzo considers giving up music due to online negativity.
Lizzo's decision to possibly retire from the music industry has been making headlines lately. The talented singer took to her Instagram story on March 29 to share an emotional message where she revealed that she's been facing constant harassment from critics on the internet, which has taken a toll on her mental health. Her words resonated with many, with Complex even sharing a screenshot of her message on their Instagram account.

In her post, Lizzo expressed her frustration with being constantly dragged and criticized by people both in her personal life and online. She shared that all she wants to do is make music, spread joy, and make the world a better place, but she's starting to feel like she doesn't belong in this world anymore. The singer also addressed the lies being spread about her for the sake of gaining attention and views, as well as the constant mockery she faces because of her appearance and character.

But despite the negativity, Lizzo received an outpouring of support from fellow celebrities, who encouraged her to keep pushing forward and not let the haters get to her. Queen Latifah commented, "F that Do U," while Letoya Luckett reminded Lizzo that she is deeply loved.

The truth is, Lizzo has been facing body shaming and harsh criticism throughout her career. Despite her music promoting self-love and acceptance, the backlash towards her body and persona has become too much for her to handle. And to make matters worse, she is currently in the midst of a legal battle with her former dancers who have accused her of fat-shaming and sexual harassment. The lawsuit, filed in August 2023, exposed the weight discrimination and inappropriate behavior that employees allegedly faced while working for Lizzo.

This news has been especially shocking considering Lizzo's advocacy for body positivity and creating safe spaces for all. And this is not the only lawsuit she's facing. A wardrobe designer on her tour also filed a lawsuit in December 2023, further supporting the accusations made by her former dancers.

However, Lizzo's struggles with online abuse date back even before these lawsuits. In May 2023, she spoke out against a hateful tweet about her body after a video of her performing went viral. She even made her Twitter account private in an attempt to limit the negative comments, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Despite hinting at quitting music, Lizzo has not made any official statement about her future plans. It's clear that the constant criticism and harassment have taken a toll on her, but her fans can only hope that she will continue to share her talent and message with the world.

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