Giants rookie curses Commanders on Instagram Live, calls them "bum-a** boys".

Deonte Banks, from Maryland, wanted to stay close to home but wasn't chosen by the Commanders.

November 20th 2023.

Giants rookie curses Commanders on Instagram Live, calls them
Deonte Banks, a rookie in the NFL, went on an enraged Instagram Live on Sunday, Nov. 19 after the New York Giants, his team, beat the Washington Commanders, their division rival. Banks was not picked by the Commanders in the NFL draft, and he has not forgotten it. Although the Giants have only won three games this season, two of them were against the Commanders.

At the NFL draft, the Commanders had the number 16 pick and chose cornerback Emanuel Forbes instead of Banks, who fell to number 24 and was selected by the Giants. Banks plays the same position, and he did not forget to remind the Commanders about it. "They could've and got me at 16 and they didn't. Now I'm 2-0 against you bum-a** boys. F**k the Commanders. They think they slick. They finna see me two times a year until the end of my career. Two times a year. Should've and got me," Banks said during his rant.

He also threw a jab at Commanders player, Terry McLaurin. Although McLaurin did play, it was a poor outing as he caught five passes for 43 yards. "I'm just trying to figure out, though, did 17 play today? That's all I wanna know. Did he play today? Did he play? I just wanna know if he played."

Banks' animosity for the Commanders is partly attributed to the fact that he wanted to stay in the area, as he grew up in Maryland and played both his high school and college football there. He was able to win in front of his hometown crowd at FedEx Field, where the Giants won 31-9.

Regardless of the outcome, Banks has made it clear that he has not forgotten how the Commanders treated him and he intends to make them pay for it every time he has the chance.

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