Black-owned bowling alley in Ohio closed for 2 weeks but still found ways to give back to community.

Black women-owned bowling alley has been renovated to provide a new experience.

September 9th 2023.

Black-owned bowling alley in Ohio closed for 2 weeks but still found ways to give back to community.
Lakeila Carter and Latoya Brown have taken ownership of the only bowling alley in Toledo and they are determined to give it a much-needed makeover. According to WTOL 11, the two business partners acquired the business in May 2022 and are now feverishly working to upgrade the bowling alley and provide a better experience for visitors.

"As soon as we got it, we went in and started upgrading it. Like the bar floor, it was literally like a soft spot and they were going to fall in the ground," said Carter.

The bowling alley is set to re-open in the fall and Carter and Brown are making sure they use the two weeks they have to close down the site to get the renovations done. "Once they see the lanes are getting done, maybe they'll come back," Carter said, expressing her hope that the drop in customers the alley has experienced will be reversed.

Along with the interior renovations, the business partners are planning to expand the menu and do some exterior renovations. "We're trying to fix the things that are needed for them to bowl, to make them happy about bowling here," Carter added.

The two women have also been working hard to give back to the community. Over the Labor Day weekend, All Strikes Lanes hosted a food truck festival event at its bowling spot. Visitors had access to free school supplies and haircuts during the event from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Jim Mcdougall, who has worked at the alley for almost 15 years, is full of admiration for Carter and Brown as the spot's new owners. "We get some ups and downs, but we're working them out," he said.

All Strikes Lanes is located at 5133 Telegraph Road in Toledo, Ohio. It is a testament to Carter and Brown's hard work and determination that they have been able to upgrade the bowling alley while also hosting events that give back to the community.

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