Biden and Trump will participate in debates for the presidency.

Biden and Trump agreed to two campaign debates, the first on June 27 and the second on September 10, hosted by CNN and ABC respectively.

May 15th 2024.

Biden and Trump will participate in debates for the presidency.
In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have come to an agreement for not one, but two campaign debates. These debates, which will be hosted by CNN on June 27 and ABC on September 10, will be the first face-to-face meetings between the two rivals in just a matter of weeks.

The decision to have direct media outlets organize the debates instead of the nonpartisan commission, which has been responsible for organizing them for over three decades, was prompted by Biden's announcement that he will not participate in the fall debates. He proposed that the first debate be held in late June, with the second in September before early voting begins. Trump quickly expressed his eagerness to debate, stating on his social media platform, Truth Social, that he is "Ready and Willing to Debate" at the proposed times.

Hours later, Biden accepted CNN's invitation for the June 27 debate, throwing the ball back in Trump's court by saying, "Over to you, Donald. As you said: anywhere, anytime, any place." In response, Trump declared on Truth Social, "Let's get ready to Rumble!!!" The two also agreed to the second debate on ABC, with Trump expressing his "great honor" to participate.

However, despite the seemingly quick agreement on the debate schedule, there were still some differences between the two sides on how to organize the debates. Key questions such as moderators and rules were still being discussed, which brought to light the very reasons the Commission on Presidential Debates was formed in 1987.

One major difference between the two campaigns was the exclusion of third-party candidates, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from the debates. While the debate commission's rules allow for third-party candidates to participate if they meet certain criteria, Biden's campaign had proposed their outright exclusion. CNN, who will be hosting the first debate, stated that there will be no audience present and left the door open for Kennedy's participation if he meets the same requirements set by the commission.

Trump, who has been pushing for more and earlier debates, had previously expressed his desire for a large live audience. He even suggested that the two men face off outside the Manhattan courthouse where he is currently on trial. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign has had talks with television networks and some Republicans about ways to bypass the commission's control over the debates.

Biden's campaign chair, Jen O'Malley Dillon, sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates stating their objections to the fall dates selected and the commission's insistence on a live audience. She argued that the debates should be for the benefit of the American voters watching at home, rather than for entertainment purposes with a disruptive live audience.

Trump also expressed his frustrations with the commission, citing technical issues during his 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton and the cancellation of a debate with Biden in 2020 due to his COVID-19 diagnosis. The Republican National Committee has promised not to work with the commission for the 2024 debates.

In a statement, Kennedy criticized Trump and Biden for "colluding" to exclude him from the debates, claiming that they are afraid he would win. He also stated that keeping viable candidates off the debate stage undermines democracy.

As the two candidates traded barbs on social media, each claiming victory in their previous debate in 2020, it is clear that the upcoming debates will be highly anticipated by the American public. With both candidates eager to prove their worth and gain the upper hand, it remains to be seen who will come out on top in these highly anticipated debates.

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