An Atlanta resident has created a mobile laundry bus to provide laundry services for those experiencing homelessness.

Nicky Crawford supports Atlanta's homeless by providing essential needs.

June 20th 2024.

An Atlanta resident has created a mobile laundry bus to provide laundry services for those experiencing homelessness.
Nicky Crawford is making a difference in the lives of Atlanta's growing homeless population by providing them with access to essential human necessities. With the assistance of engineering students from Georgia Tech, Crawford has transformed a school bus into a mobile laundry facility that can reach those in need wherever they may be.

The laundry bus was officially unveiled at the Juneteenth Block Party, where Crawford was joined by various organizations, including PAD, Morehouse School of Medicine, The Department Of Veterans Affairs, and local barbers. In an interview with 11 Alive News, Crawford explained the purpose of the laundry bus, saying, "What we're trying to do is provide them with clothes they can wear throughout the week so they can change and feel clean, because often it's not the person who smells, but their clothes."

In 2022, Crawford expanded his efforts to help the homeless community by introducing a mobile shower located behind Grady Hospital. The three-stall trailer offers sinks, toilets, and showers, serving at least 50 people each week. Crawford also provides towels, toiletries, undergarments, and socks for his guests, recognizing their need for basic hygiene and comfort.

In an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta, Crawford emphasized the importance of showing compassion and support for the homeless community. He said, "When you sit down and talk to them, they're just like a family member. They've just had a rough time. We can all do something to help the unhoused in the Atlanta area, maybe not exactly what I'm doing, but we can all do something."

As a retired administrator, Crawford believes that helping the homeless and unhoused community is his life's calling. He stated, "God has blessed me so much, and I knew this is what I was meant to do." In 2023, he officially established the nonprofit organization, Flowing with Blessings, to provide assistance to the unhoused community with their basic needs, including haircuts, showers, health checks, and meals.

"At Flowing with Blessings, we strongly believe that every person deserves to feel clean, comfortable, and valued. Through our services, we aim to empower those facing homelessness and help them rebuild their lives with dignity," Crawford shared about his organization's mission. If you would like to support Flowing with Blessings and their efforts to help the homeless community, click here for more information.

In related news, the Supreme Court is currently debating the extent to which cities can address homeless encampments. While the legal discussions continue, individuals like Nicky Crawford are actively taking steps to make a positive impact and show compassion towards those in need. Let's all do our part to support and uplift the unhoused community in our own communities.

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