3-year-old boy missing after being sent to male partner's home for "manly" lessons by his mother.

3-year-old Elijah Vue disappeared after his mother sent him to her boyfriend's house in Two Rivers, WI for punishment.

February 27th 2024.

3-year-old boy missing after being sent to male partner's home for
Elijah Vue, a three-year-old boy, has been reported missing since last Tuesday, February 20. The last person to see him was his adult caregiver at around 8am in the town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The police were notified of his disappearance less than three hours later, and a search has been launched to find him.

It has been revealed that Elijah's mother, Katrina Baur, had sent him to her male friend's home, Jesse Vang, located about 150 miles away from their Wisconsin Dells residence. According to reports, this was done as a way for Elijah to learn how to be a man. The authorities were also informed that this was not the first time Elijah was sent away, as he had been staying with Vang for at least a week before he went missing.

During a bond hearing on Friday, Manitowoc County District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre stated that Baur had intentionally sent her son away for disciplinary reasons. The Two Rivers Police Department was alerted about Elijah's disappearance and an Amber Alert was issued on the same afternoon.

In a criminal complaint obtained by the Herald Times Reporter, Baur had told the police that she wanted Vang to teach her son how to be a man. Vang, on the other hand, claimed that he was supposed to create a "boot camp" for Elijah to understand that going home was a privilege. The caregiver also informed the police that he had fallen asleep and woke up to find the boy missing. This led to the activation of the Amber Alert.

Ever since Elijah went missing, the community and the police have been tirelessly searching for him. Elijah is described as being of Hmong and white ethnicity, with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is about 3 feet tall and has a birthmark on his left knee. When he disappeared, he was wearing gray pants, a dark long-sleeve shirt, and dinosaur shoes.

Baur and Vang appeared in court on Monday and were both charged with child neglect. Baur also faced an additional charge of obstruction, as reported by WLUK. Baur's bond was set at $15,000 cash while Vang's was set at $20,000 cash. They are both due back for a preliminary hearing on March 7.

The search for Elijah is ongoing, and the Two Rivers Police Department is urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward. Two Rivers is located about 90 miles north of Milwaukee. Local resident Maria Wright expressed her determination to find Elijah, stating, "We're all out here for the same reason, to find that little boy. When you see everybody, you know that we are a team. Your community is one big team. We're going to keep on and the search is going to go on and on until we find this little boy."

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