16 years

This blog turned 16 on Saturday. There have been 6,674 posts in those 5,844 days.

I sometimes joke that this blog should have been titled “a reminder a day” because of how hard it is to learn.

To learn and not to do is not to learn. So, we only learn something when it becomes part of how we operate. That in turn means we change every time we learn something. We change our actions and, in time, shape our identity.

Change is hard however. That means the best thing we can do to inspire ourselves to change is to consistently remind ourselves to do so.

I didn’t know all this when I started. I didn’t know I was signing up 6700+ reminders over the next 16 years.

But I’m glad for it. I’ve definitely changed the shape of my learning curve as a result and become a better human being for it.

That doesn’t mean I fail or fall any less. I’ve fallen on my face many a time over these years. But, thanks to this practice, I’ve learned that the only thing that matters is to bounce forward. Failure isn’t the falling down, it is the staying down.

Perhaps most of all, I’ve been on a learning journey to focus more on what I control.

I don’t always get it right and have a lot of room to improve here.

But I’m playing the long game. So, here’s to doing better in the year 17.

Thank you for being part of the journey. I appreciate it.