Will Smith and Janet Hubert team up to promote female empowerment at book event.

Will Smith was excited to attend Janet Hubert's JG and the BC Kids book event as her close friend.

March 12th 2024.

Will Smith and Janet Hubert team up to promote female empowerment at book event.
Will Smith was thrilled to have the chance to support his "dear friend" Janet Hubert at her book event for JG and the BC Kids. The book, which celebrates the intelligence and street smarts of young children, was a labor of love for Hubert and Smith was honored to be a part of its promotion.

Despite their previous rift, the two former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-stars have since reconciled and have been on good terms since 2020. Smith took to Instagram on March 7 to share a video of his appearance at Hubert's book event, where he read to a crowd of young girls and spread the message of embracing one's unique qualities.

In his caption, Smith expressed his gratitude for being invited to be a part of the project and praised Hubert's genius. He also playfully asked who they would be sharing the project with next, showing his excitement for spreading the message to even more people.

At the event, the two shared a heartwarming moment on stage, hugging it out and exchanging banter. Hubert couldn't contain her excitement at seeing Smith and thanked him for coming, to which he replied, "This is beautiful. This is beautiful." She then playfully touched his cheek, to which he joked, "Oh, this ain't nothing but the finest nuts and berries."

Smith went on to read to the children and instill in them the importance of being themselves and embracing their differences. He had the girls chant affirmations like "I am bold," "I am confident," and "I am me," leaving a lasting impact on their young minds.

This moment was especially significant considering the decades of silence between Smith and Hubert after she left the show in 1993. However, the two were able to reconcile and have an emotional conversation during the HBO Max special celebrating 30 years of the beloved show in November 2020.

A year later, Hubert revealed that she and Smith have a "very good relationship" and regularly keep in touch through text messages. She also expressed that she truly meant it when she hugged him during their reconciliation, as she saw the 21-year-old boy she first met all those years ago. She believes that if they had the chance to talk things out back then, their falling out may have never happened.

In conclusion, it's heartwarming to see the bond between Will Smith and Janet Hubert rekindled after so many years. Their journey of forgiveness and reconciliation serves as an important reminder of the power of communication and understanding.

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