Twitter users debunked Candace Owens after she compared the success of Black athletes to affirmative action.

Candace Owens uses questionable comparisons to argue for the overturn of Affirmative Action; in a Twitter rant, she cites Black athletes' success in pro sports as a metric.

July 2nd 2023.

Candace Owens, founder of the ‘Blexit’ organization, recently took to Twitter to express her opinion on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Affirmative Action. In her rant, Owens used a questionable analogy to make her point. She compared African-American athletes' success in professional sports to the lack of Asian-Americans in elite academia, suggesting that just as Lebron James was allowed to join the NBA, Asian-Americans should be allowed into Harvard.

Owens's comparison, however, lacks nuance and fails to acknowledge the systemic racial barriers that applicants of different backgrounds face in regards to school admissions. In actuality, Asian Americans are not being unfairly slighted in elite academia, as the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rather, the myth that they have to work harder to get accepted due to a racial quota that prioritizes other nonwhite groups is statistically untrue. The false notion has been perpetuated nationwide due to unreliable study results, a dependence on unfair standardized tests, and racism.

Owens concluded her rant with the statement that if African-Americans want to have a greater presence at Harvard, they have to work on their academics. This statement was met with backlash and criticism, as Twitter users argued that her analogy was not fair and lacked nuance.

The talk show host's commentary has not been well received in the past. It has been debunked multiple times, and this tweet was no exception. Those who champion affirmative action refuse to play into Owens’s game, as her comparison of Lebron James and Asian-Americans fails to recognize the systemic racial barriers they face.

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