Today, August 20th, discover what the stars have in store for you with today's astrological predictions for your zodiac sign.

Find out what exciting things await you today!

August 19th 2023.

Today, August 20th, discover what the stars have in store for you with today's astrological predictions for your zodiac sign.
What’s in store for you today? It’s time to find out your daily horoscope for August 18, 2023! Read on for a full forecast tailored to your star sign.

March 21 to April 20
Today, you could be in a romantic mood and certain that a developing tie has the potential you’ve been dreaming of. While it’s important to not rush into things too quickly, it’s also important to keep in mind that this person is human and has imperfections. You may not be able to see them right away, but give it time and you might. Remind yourself to wait and see!

April 21 to May 21
Mars is beginning its opposition with dreamy Neptune, which is exact next week. The Sun is also forming an awkward angle to Neptune, so you may find yourself in two minds about attending an event. The thought of staying at home or doing your own thing could clash with a fear of “missing out”. If you stand to gain something from it, it may be worth pushing yourself, Taurus!

May 22 to June 21
You may be feeling unsure of your abilities today, and wondering if you’ll ever feel confident. However, others may have total faith in you, and may be expecting you to work a miracle. It’s important to remember that your perception of things may be skewed, including your thoughts about yourself. If a friend praises you, really take it in and listen!

June 22 to July 23
If you’re trying to create a sensible and workable plan, despite the chaos going on, you should be applauded! With Neptune’s influence, you’ll need to be extra vigilant as there’s potential for things to go wrong. The good news is that your friends are supporting you, and if you need help they’ll be there for you.

July 24 to August 23
Your sixth sense may kick in and alert you to an issue that needs investigating. The Sun’s link with Neptune suggests the truth is out there somewhere, but you’ll need to find it. You could ask someone for more information, but they may be just as confused as you. Taking a step back and getting some distance may allow insights to come to you, helping you make wiser choices.

August 24 to September 23
You’ve got a lot going for you, and now is the time to prove it. Don’t take any criticisms to heart, as the Sun and Mars’ angle to Neptune may cause you to want to hide away instead of showing off your light. Remember that this is only a temporary aspect, so try not to take things too personally and don’t let it stop you in your tracks.

September 24 to October 23
You may think that what you’re saying is making sense, but there’s a lot of room for confusion. Now’s not the best time to delegate tasks, as you’re better off doing them yourself. There’s a chance that trusting someone with a project or important job will only end in tears, so it may be best to leave it for another time.

October 24 to November 22
Today, there’s a grounded focus, so circles and groups you’re a part of could provide a sensible backdrop to whatever is going on. The Sun’s connection with Neptune suggests you’re embracing a creative streak, but you may doubt your ability to do something important. If your friends think you can, trust in them and believe in yourself too!

November 23 to December 21
Your energy levels might not be as high as usual, which is likely due to a draining influence. If you’re feeling tired, try to rest and have an early night. You may also want to simplify your schedule, as the Mars/Neptune link is peaking in a few days. Remember that rationing your energy when you can will help you in the long run.

December 22 to January 21
You may not hesitate to help a friend if they ask for it, but remember that you have your own matters that need attending to. If their neediness has become a habit, encourage them to become more self-reliant and set firmer boundaries. Soon enough, you’ll realize why these boundaries are so important for your own peace and progress.

January 22 to February 19
If you’ve been caught out once, it’s unlikely you’ll be caught again. However, with some confusing aspects going on, stay alert regarding your finances. If you get a feeling that something isn’t right, do some detective work. Being kind is commendable, but you also have to be practical and know when you can’t afford to be generous.

February 20 to March 20
Cautious Saturn is at the start of your sign, which can push you to take action. However, Neptune’s influence suggests you may go with the flow instead of proactively rowing your boat to your destination. Keep your goal in mind and take small steps. This dreamy phase will continue over the coming days, so be very careful when handling key issues or finalizing deals.

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