TikTok users share reasons for the decline of the eyelash extension industry due to inflation.

Eyelash extension craze dwindles due to rising costs.

May 22nd 2024.

TikTok users share reasons for the decline of the eyelash extension industry due to inflation.
In recent years, the eyelash extension industry experienced a surge in popularity and fanfare. However, it seems that this trend is now on the decline due to ongoing inflation. Many lash enthusiasts have taken to social media to voice their frustrations with the industry and explain why they are opting for a DIY approach to beauty. Bllak Label, a popular beauty brand, even compiled a list of women who have shared their reasons for abandoning lash extensions and exploring other beauty options.

According to these individuals on TikTok, there are various factors contributing to the decline of the lash extension market. These include high prices, poor customer service, the need for consistent maintenance, and the current state of inflation. As one TikToker, swagtastic1738, explained, the cost of a lash appointment can range from $150 to $200, and regular maintenance appointments can cost an additional $100 to $150. This makes lash extensions a luxury that many people can no longer afford.

On Instagram, another TikToker, kyygirl, shared her perspective as someone working in the service industry. She believes that the decline in the industry is due to a lack of drive and motivation among younger professionals to make money. She also shared her personal experiences with nail, lash, and hair technicians who have not provided satisfactory services.

In response to these complaints, others have taken matters into their own hands and started applying lashes at home. They have also expressed concerns about the potential dangers of dramatic lash extensions and labeled them as a fleeting beauty trend that is gradually fading away. In the comments section, many women chimed in to share their own reasons for either stopping or never considering lash extensions.

One individual pointed out that, in the past, eyelash extensions were reserved for special occasions and not an everyday beauty routine. They also criticized the lack of quality service in the industry, which does not justify the high prices. Another user added that the current economic climate has forced people to prioritize their expenses, and lash extensions are no longer a top priority.

Despite these negative opinions, the lash extension industry is still growing. Luxe Cosmetics estimated that the market was worth $1.36 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $2.31 billion by 2028. Additionally, the number of people who prefer to do their own beauty treatments at home is also increasing, with 71% of consumers in the U.S. shopping for beauty products online. It is also worth noting that the largest demographic of beauty consumers is women between the ages of 18 and 34.

So while some may feel that the lash industry is dying, the numbers prove otherwise. The demand for beauty enhancements and personal grooming is still high, and lash extensions remain a popular choice among many individuals. Whether it's due to the desire for convenience or the need to save money, the DIY approach to beauty is a growing trend. And although the lash extension industry may face challenges, it is far from dying out.

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