Suggestions for Joy-Con, free DLC for Super Mario Bros. and rumors of Starfield being free.

Reader hopes for EA & Sony to collaborate on superhero crossover, as letter page considers popularity of Zelda & Metroid.

October 26th 2023.

Suggestions for Joy-Con, free DLC for Super Mario Bros. and rumors of Starfield being free.
Will there be a next gen Joy-Con?
The Nintendo Switch 2 is coming soon and it’s got everyone speculating about what features it will have. One of the biggest questions is what will happen to the Joy-Cons?

The Switch 2 will almost certainly have a different form factor since Nintendo don’t want it to be confused with the current console. But how will the Joy-Cons fit into this? Will they keep the same design or will they be redesigned?

My guess is that they’ll make them larger and have them expand out in some way, so that they’re not so small when you’re using one. I’d also like to see more motion controls, since the Switch has done a great job of making them optional. We’ll just have to wait for the reveal to find out if I’m right!

The Thursday letters page considers the relative popularity of Zelda and Metroid, as a reader hopes EA and Sony do a superhero crossover.
Numberwang was asking about the sales figures of Starfield and the Xbox. It turns out that even though Game Pass subscriptions went up, the number of console sales actually went down. This is pretty surprising, considering the game was released in the same month.

It looks like Game Pass subscriptions only lasted for the month of Starfield's release, and people didn’t bother subscribing for any longer. It’s possible that Call Of Duty will convince people to sign up for longer, but I’m skeptical. Why pay for the subscription if you could just stick with the free Warzone?

Lemro was wondering whether Metroid Prime 4 could be a good launch game for the Switch 2. Even if previous games in the series haven’t had the best sales figures, it could still have the same effect on the series that Zelda: Breath Of The Wild had for the Zelda franchise.

Mark Matthews answered that Zelda didn’t sell badly, but just not as much as you’d expect given its renown. To have a successful launch, Metroid Prime 4 would need to be accompanied by something more mainstream.

Drlowdon had three months’ free Game Pass, and was playing Starfield. They found that the space setting was pointless since you were just clicking on a menu every time you wanted to travel. The combat, characters, and plot were also far less interesting than the Mass Effect series. They’re still on the fence as to whether or not they’ll finish it.

Spamo was commenting on how few franchises Activision actually has, considering they’re the biggest games publisher in the world. Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater, Spyro/Skylanders, and Guitar Hero are the only ones worth noting and none of those have been major hits recently.

Finally, I’m loving Super Mario Bros. Wonder and have now completed it with two different people. I’m now wishing for more and think that Nintendo should make DLC for the game, rather than just turning it into a full game. I’d pay for a subscription for that, but not for some low cost, random game.
Will there be a next gen Joy-Con? It's the question on everyone's mind as they speculate on what could be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2. Will the beloved Joy-Cons still be featured?

Everything is pointing to the same basic form factor for the new console, but Nintendo doesn't want to confuse consumers into buying the wrong one. So, they'll likely make the main part of the console as different as possible. But, what about the Joy-Cons?

It's a great idea that Nintendo probably doesn't want to throw away. How could they make them seem new and exciting? My guess is that they'll make them larger and have them expand out, so they are a bit bigger. That is, after all, the current issue with them; they are very small when you use just one.

I'd also be interested in more motion controls. Nintendo has done a good job with the Switch so far, making motion controls optional. We'll have to wait and see if my predictions are correct and what the first reveal of the Switch 2 will look like!

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