Katie Price celebrates Easter with current boyfriend, while her former partners spend the holiday together in an unusual twist.

They must have been talking about them.

April 1st 2024.

Katie Price celebrates Easter with current boyfriend, while her former partners spend the holiday together in an unusual twist.
Katie Price, the former glamour model, had quite the eventful night out recently. She was spotted with her new boyfriend, JJ Slater, while two of her exes were also seen enjoying a night on the town, making for quite a bizarre turn of events.

Katie and JJ, who is a star from Married At First Sight UK, were seen partying at the Golden Bee in Shoreditch. A video posted on JJ's Instagram showed the couple having a great time with friends at the Secret Events bash, which also included House of Sims stars Demi and Frankie Sims.

But Katie's exes were not far behind in having a good time. Her most recent ex-boyfriend, Carl Woods, was seen hanging out with her ex-husband Kieran Hayler on Easter Sunday. They were joined by Kieran's fiance Michelle Penticost, their children, and a friend.

It's no secret that Katie's relationships have been tumultuous, especially her most recent one with Carl which ended in a messy breakup. But on this night, she seemed to be having a great time with JJ and their friends, enjoying drinks and good company.

Katie has had her share of failed relationships, having been married to Peter Andre and Alex Reid in the past. But she seems to have found a good partner in JJ, as they have been spotted together on several dates and even a romantic holiday.

During a recent interview, Katie was asked to give advice to her younger self and she didn't hold back. She admitted that she wouldn't have been with some of the men she had been in the past, as they had caused her a lot of pain and heartache. But she also acknowledged that she now has a good partner and wonderful children from those relationships.

Speaking of children, Katie has five in total, including her youngest Jett and Bunny with Kieran, Harvey with ex-boyfriend Dwight Yorke, and Junior and Princess with Peter. She seems to have a great relationship with all of her children, despite the ups and downs in her personal life.

As for her relationship with JJ, things seem to be going well, although the couple did share a funny moment when people mistook JJ for her nephew. But they both laughed it off and continued to enjoy each other's company.

All in all, it seems like Katie is in a good place in her life right now. She's having fun with her new boyfriend and is surrounded by loving family and friends. And despite the challenges she's faced in her relationships, she remains positive and focused on the future.

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