Jason Derulo denies "completely false" claims made by ex-artist suing for sexual harassment.

Jason Derulo denies sexual harassment claims in lawsuit filed by former artist.

October 6th 2023.

Jason Derulo denies
Jason Derulo is in the middle of a whirlwind of controversy after being named in a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former recording artist, Emaza Gibson.
Gibson, who had been signed to Derulo's record label, accused the singer and TikTok star of signing her with the intent of having sexual relations with her. She told NBC News that the experience has been deeply heartbreaking and has caused her tremendous trauma, anxiety, and distress.

Gibson described how Derulo became hostile after she rejected his repeated sexual advances and invitations to dine and drink. She claims he eventually dropped her from his label in a move of “quid pro quo sexual harassment.” As a result, she has now filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court to fight for what's right.

In response, Derulo released a video statement denying Gibson's claims as "completely false and hurtful". He said that he stands against all forms of harassment and is supportive of anyone following their dreams. He also expressed his deep offense at these defamatory claims, and concluded by saying “God bless”.

Though the situation is far from resolved, it is clear that Derulo does not take these accusations lightly. The case is ongoing, and the outcome remains to be seen.

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