Is today a day off from work due to a national holiday?

Is it a long weekend today?

August 28th 2023.

Is today a day off from work due to a national holiday?
Is today a bank holiday?
It's the end of August, and many of us are wondering if we're in luck and have a bank holiday to look forward to. The UK has certainly enjoyed some well-deserved downtime over the summer months, with a few consecutive long weekends earlier in May. That included an extra day off to mark the coronation of King Charles on Monday 8th May.

But is there a bank holiday today?
The answer is yes! Monday 28th August is the annual Summer Bank Holiday, meaning those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland get the day off work. Unfortunately, Scotland got their bank holiday earlier this month on August 7th.

So, if you're looking for a great way to make the most of your day off, why not throw a barbecue and get your friends together?

When is the next bank holiday?
We'd recommend making the most of this bank holiday because there's quite a while to wait until the next one. Those in Scotland will have to wait until St Andrew's Day on 30th November, but everyone else will have to wait until Christmas time.

So, whatever you decide to do, enjoy the last bank holiday of the year!

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