In Bed By 8 Is Not The Solution, America

After the dumpster fire that was the presidential debate last Thursday, acting President Joe Biden (come on, man, it’s an act) has promised to get more sleep and not to schedule events after eight o’clock in the evening. Further, he has promised to be in bed by 8. Sheesh.

[Joe, WTF is Plan B? For the record, these are not effective treatment protocols for dementia. Just saying.]

Also for the record, my youngest granddaughter — 18 months old — also “promises” to be in bed every night by 8, but she’s up by 7:00 AM every morning, sharp as a tack, eating scrambled eggs, and ready to rock and roll.

Take a step back, take a deep breath, now ask yourself if that utterance — in bed by 8, more sleep, no events after 8 — comforts you that the man holding the reins of the most powerful military force on the planet, the nuclear football, and the strongest economy in the planet is actually in charge or not?

Further to that same question as to current events, can you imagine entrusting the next four years to that 81-year-old chap and watching him march on through 4 more birthdays?

I cannot.

Come on, Big Red Car – have a heart

Sorry, dear reader, not going to bite on that. This is a simple matter of:

Can the man do the job currently? Nope

Not being able to do the job currently, do we entrust him with 4 more years? Nope. I cannot imagine an 85-year-old Joe Biden as President.

Is this a national security risk? Yes.

National security implications

Before we address national security, let’s take the measure of the current situation.

 1. Joe Biden may have had a cold – doubt it – but the problem is his mental acuity and a diagnosis of dementia.

Dementia is not like sunburn treatable with some aloe and vitamin E. It is irreversible and progressive. It does not cure itself.

After “had a cold” didn’t gain traction, we heard about how tired he was because of international travel on Air Force One — two weeks before the debate — and that he spent a week prepping for the debate from 11:00 AM in the morning and the schedule included an afternoon nap.

He was pretty damn well rested in my view.

Next up — over prepared and over rested?

 2. Now that the dementia cat is out of the bag, the media is finally waking up to the reality there have been numerous examples of the same mental loss and that it has been accelerating in the last year.

Hey, this is the leftist Joe Biden loyal MSM boot lickers saying this.

 3. Robert Hur, independent counsel investigating Joe Biden over allegations related to safeguarding classified documents, opined that he was an elderly gentleman with a bad memory and that no jury would convict him in his diminished mental state. Boom!

Too mentally compromised to be held to the law, but well enough to be President and run for re-election? I think not.

The national security implications are alarming.

 1. National security is not a game for the weak of mind. It entails making life-and-death decisions in a split second and dealing with some desperate hombres who are always exploiting any advantage.

These decisions do not occur before 8:00 PM. National security is not a 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM racket.

 2. Joe Biden does not currently possess the mental crispness to deal with national security or to deal with the 3:00 AM call.

 3. Part of the problem is that he is suffering from both reactive and preporatory decisionmaking deficiencies.

 4. Joe is now taking advice from Jill Biden, First Lady, and First Son, Hunter Biden — Hunter does not and should not possess the requisite security clearances to deal with White House level issues.

How does this play out, Big Red Car?

Damn good question, dear reader.

The end is in sight.

 1. Joe Biden will try to rekindle support amongst other politicos — governors’ meeting at the White House on short notice.

 2. Joe will provide some canned hunt, made-for-television, videotaped interviews (have to be videotaped to allow editing, y’all), and try to show he is on top of his game.

 3. Down ballot politicos such as Congressman Lloyd Doggett will throw Biden overboard.

Doggett — who I once knew well as he was my Congressman — is nobody’s chump and if he is throwing the skipper overboard, all hands on deck!

This groundswell will build. They had to beg Senator Joe Manchin not to do the same on the Sunday shows.

 4. The death blow will be the money drying up. Already substantial Dem stalwart donors are pulling the plug on existing commitments and refusing to make future commitments until Joe Biden withdraws. 

Money is the mother’s milk of politics and when it dries up campaigns die.

 5. Joe Biden does not have enough time to recover his footing — dementia is not reversible — together with the reality that his mental shortcoming — dementia — is progressive and accelerating.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Fine, here it is: Joe Biden is finished. It’ll take a couple weeks through the Democrat National Convention to go around and count noses, but it’s over.

I predicted some time ago Joe Biden would not be the nominee of the Dems and I stand by that prediction.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

Joe you gotta go, pal.