I like to stand out; I collect vintage bags and love to thrift shop.

He has an addictive personality which explains why his collection has grown so much.

August 21st 2023.

I like to stand out; I collect vintage bags and love to thrift shop.
Kate Beavis is a pro-ageing advocate on TikTok with a stellar collection of vintage bags. At 50-years-old, the Bedfordshire local is not sure how many bags she owns, but guesses it must be upwards of 150.

This impressive stash has been growing since Kate's teens, when she first began her love affair with vintage fashion. She has always had an eye for unique finds, and her mantra is to 'buy less, buy better, and keep hold of it forever'.

The collection is housed in her home, with a trunk for evening and flat bags, iconic items like windowpane bags hung on the wall, and the rest stacked up in a cupboard in the spare room.

Kate scours a variety of sites to source items for her collection, such as eBay, Vestiaire Collective, and Etsy. She looks for specific, high-value designs, such as the Enid Collins box bags from the 60s or the rare telephone wire bag from the 40s.

Kate also has a few items of sentimental value, such as the black beaded bag from the 60s that belonged to her mum, or the wooden box bag she wore for her wedding.

Another notable buy is Orla Kiely's orange Lola face bag - which Kate calls a 'future classic' - it's rare and the value of the style is always going up.

While Kate does sometimes sell items from her collection, she prefers to wear and use her bags rather than just admire them. She changes her bag often to match her outfit, and her favourite is a second-hand Mulberry bag.

Kate's love of vintage items is clear. Vintage isn't just about monetary value for her, it's about being different and expressing her own style. She says that having such a large collection is due to her addictive personality - if she likes something, she really likes it.

It's clear that vintage is a way of life for Kate, and her impressive collection of bags is testament to that.

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