Gemma is determined to seek retribution after Dr Gaddas informs Paul of some unfavorable news.

Paul's desired outcome is unclear.

February 25th 2023.

Gemma is determined to seek retribution after Dr Gaddas informs Paul of some unfavorable news.
Gemma Winter has plenty to say in the upcoming Coronation Street episodes as Paul Foreman attempts to recuperate from his recent crash.
It was Carla who caused the accident when she got in the Underworld van after having her tea drugged by Stephen.
We are aware that Stephen is giving Carla LSD to make it seem as if her psychosis has resurfaced and when she entered the vehicle feeling disoriented, she collided with Paul, who was riding Peter's new motorbike.
Paul has recently gone home from the hospital and is in the process of healing, but he noticed that his right hand isn't getting better.
In the pub, Paul had difficulty picking up some darts while playing with Dee-Dee.
He ultimately succeeded but tossed one into Evelyn's hat!
In this new video, Doctor Gaddas informs Paul that his sore hand is most likely due to a bruised nerve.

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She tells him that it will heal eventually but with lots of rest - which means reducing his work as a builder.
Given the cost-of-living crisis, Paul is disgruntled at the possibility of not working properly for possibly three months, and is then given an idea by Gemma.

Paul is going to be off work for a while
Gemma suggests to her brother that it might be beneficial to talk to Dee-Dee about suing Carla because then, while he recovers, he'll have some money to help him get by.
But what will Paul do next?
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