Fiancee of Nick Knowles defends herself against criticism for modeling lingerie, saying "I have kids to feed."

She refused to be shamed.

October 26th 2023.

Fiancee of Nick Knowles defends herself against criticism for modeling lingerie, saying
Nick Knowles' fiancée Katie Dadzie has recently spoken out against the social media trolls who have criticized her for sharing lingerie photos and videos. She pointed out that she has "kids to feed and rent to pay" and that she isn't doing anything wrong by advertising her lingerie brand.

Katie's fiery response to the criticism came after she posted a video of herself in semi-sheer lingerie, captioned, "What he thought he was getting." She followed this up with a second clip in which she was wearing a fluffy dressing gown, captioned, "What he got." The post was met with backlash, as some felt it was disrespectful to her partner.

Katie didn't take the criticism lying down, however, and responded that her partner was "a ok with it." She then went on to explain that she has to support her children and pay rent by herself, and that she doesn't need to be ashamed of herself for doing so.

The businesswoman also recently posted a sultry photo on social media to commemorate her fiancé's 61st birthday. The picture showed her in a white bustier and thong suspenders, with Nick helping her out from behind.

Nick and Katie officially became a couple in 2021, after they met through their children who attended the same playgroup. Nick was previously married to Gillian Knowles from 1996-2000 and Jessica Rose Moor from 2006-2016. He has four children from three different relationships, while Katie has two daughters from a previous relationship.

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