Fans worried about Simon Cowell's well-being after watching Saturday Night Takeaway.

Audience displeased.

February 24th 2024.

Fans worried about Simon Cowell's well-being after watching Saturday Night Takeaway.
Saturday Night Takeaway fans were quick to share their concerns with Simon Cowell after a recent prank on the show. As Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly celebrated the 20th series of their iconic Saturday night show, they brought back all the fan favorites, including Ant vs Dec, Little Ant and Dec, and their hilarious undercover segments.

For their first prank of the series, the duo took revenge on Britain's Got Talent judge, Simon. But unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with the prank. Some viewers accused Simon of setting a bad example, citing his lack of safety gear while cycling during the prank.

The prank itself involved Ant and Dec returning to the States to trick Simon during his daily bike ride and while filming for America's Got Talent. The TV judge was interrupted by a fake police officer who accused him of breaking made-up rules. However, many viewers were quick to notice that Simon was not wearing a helmet while cycling.

One concerned viewer wrote on social media, "Currently watching #SaturdayNightTakeaway and I'm surprised to see Simon Cowell, a person who injured himself badly on an e-bike, not wearing a helmet. This is him genuinely out for a normal bike ride, pre-shenanigans. Look after yourselves everyone! Wear a helmet lol." Another added, "Considering the guy has had accidents on his bike; breaking his back, his arm...and other injuries, I'm surprised at the lack of protective gear or even a helmet."

Despite the backlash, Ant and Dec continued with their prank, which ended with Simon realizing the error of his ways. He even apologized to his son, who had asked him to wear a helmet before his outing. As viewers noted, Simon is lucky to be alive following a serious bike accident in August 2020.

But the prank didn't end there. The second stage of the undercover saw Simon being tricked on America's Got Talent, in front of a live audience. A fake magician act got him to get into a metal box, which was then locked with chains. The masked performer pretended to swallow the keys, causing Simon to become increasingly unimpressed.

But it was all part of Ant and Dec's plan, as they revealed themselves as the masked performers and exposed their prank. Simon was not amused, declaring, "I am going to kill you!" This was the second time the music mogul fell victim to the duo's pranks, having first been targeted in 2003 during his time as a judge on American Idol.

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