Congress accuses Govt of enforcing a "50 Cut Rule" in Bhopal, which they claim harms citizens.

August 17th 2023.

Congress accuses Govt of enforcing a
The Congress party in Bhopal held a press conference on Thursday to reiterate their allegations of corruption against the State government. The accusations were made after a letter from an engineer working as a sub-contractor surfaced on social media. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and former Union Minister Arun Yadav both tweeted the letter to bring attention to the charges.

Congress State media president K K Mishra was present at the press conference and raised the accusations once again on the State government. The engineer, working as a sub-contractor for cow sheds, had written a letter to the Chief Justice of the MP High Court to complain about the commission demanded to get the amount, as Mishra informed the media persons.

Mishra also brought attention to the 18km barefoot padayatra by Digvijaya Singh to woo Gurjars in Bhopal. This padayatra was a part of the campaign for the upcoming by-elections in the state. He urged the people of Bhopal to understand and recognize the efforts of the Congress party in making the state a better place.

Overall, the press conference was a great success and highlighted the corruption charges against the State government as well as the initiatives taken by the Congress party to better the state.

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