A DJ who was kidnapped and killed in a restaurant suffered severe torture, resulting in 100 injuries.

They were surely very scared, and for good reason. Mr. Alpergin wouldn't make it out alive.

July 10th 2024.

A DJ who was kidnapped and killed in a restaurant suffered severe torture, resulting in 100 injuries.
The tragic death of Koray Alpergin, a well-known radio DJ, has left the community in shock. The 43-year-old was found dead in a wooded area in Essex, and now two more men are on trial for their involvement in his kidnapping and murder.

Koray was a beloved figure in the Turkish community, owning the popular radio station Bizim FM and having connections to famous stars like rapper P Diddy. But his successful career came to a brutal end when he and his girlfriend were kidnapped outside their home. They were taken to a Turkish restaurant, the Stadium Lounge, where Koray was tortured and ultimately killed. His girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, was locked in a bathroom for two days, fearing for her life.

The prosecution has already found several men guilty for their roles in Koray's death, but now Isay Stoyanov and Dylan Weatherley are denying the charges against them. Stoyanov, 43, is also denying perverting the course of justice. According to the prosecution, Weatherley stayed behind after the kidnapping to remove a tracker from Koray's car, which had been used to follow him. It is believed that Stoyanov and Weatherley were hired for this specific task, while others were responsible for carrying out the actual kidnapping and torture.

The night of the kidnapping, Koray and Gozde had gone out for a meal in Mayfair, central London, before they were snatched and taken to the Stadium Lounge. It is believed that Weatherley's job was to remove the tracker from Koray's car while his girlfriend was being held captive inside the restaurant. The couple must have been terrified, knowing that Koray would not make it out alive.

The kidnappers' first priority after the torture was to get rid of the evidence. They set fire to the van they had used to transport Koray and Gozde, and then proceeded to move the body. Ali Kavak, who has already been convicted of manslaughter, was seen clearing out the back seats of his car and then placing Koray's body inside. The vehicle was taken to a rented industrial unit before being driven to Loughton, Essex, where the body was dumped. Meanwhile, Koray's mobile phone was discarded in the Tottenham area and has yet to be found.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Koray had suffered 94 visible injuries, including cuts, bruises, fractures, and burns. The pathologist determined that he could not have survived for more than six hours after sustaining these injuries. It is believed that he was killed early on the morning of October 14, 2022.

Other men have already been found guilty for their involvement in the kidnapping and murder. Tejean Kennedy and Ali Kavak were convicted of the couple's kidnapping and false imprisonment, as well as Koray's manslaughter. Kavak was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice and destroying evidence. Samuel Owusu-Opuku was cleared of murder but found guilty of kidnapping, while Yigit Hurman and Steffan Gordon admitted to perverting the course of justice. Police are still searching for another suspect, Ali Yildirim, who is believed to have fled to Turkey after the killing.

Isay Stoyanov was arrested in 2023 and has maintained his innocence, while Dylan Weatherley was arrested in August 2022 and has refused to comment on the charges. The prosecution argues that even if they did not directly participate in the torture and murder, their involvement in the kidnapping and false imprisonment makes them equally responsible.

The trial continues as the community mourns the loss of Koray Alpergin. His death was a senseless and horrific act, and those responsible must be brought to justice. The details of his kidnapping and murder are chilling, and it is a reminder to always be vigilant and to never take our safety for granted. May Koray's memory live on, and may his loved ones find peace and closure in this difficult time.

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