4-year-old 'Coach CB' goes viral on the internet.

Bess gets emotional watching his sons interact on game film.

February 26th 2024.

4-year-old 'Coach CB' goes viral on the internet.
Meet Christopher Bess, the four-year-old dynamo taking over the Internet with his passion for basketball. Known affectionately as Coach CB, this little guy is making a big impact on the court as he shadows his father, Reggie Bess, and gives motivational speeches to players at a North Carolina high school program.

It all started when Christopher's mother-in-law and wife captured a photo of him imitating his dad's coaching style. Reggie admits that he didn't even realize his son was following in his footsteps until then. He shared, "I'm so focused on coaching during games that I never noticed. But when my mother-in-law showed me a picture of me kneeling on the floor with Christopher kneeling behind me, I couldn't help but smile."

As Christopher's love for the game grew, so did his desire to be just like his dad. Reggie recalls how he would stay up late at night, watching game tapes and getting captivated by his son's intense energy on the sidelines. "He's always analyzing plays and breaking them down, even when he's watching games at home. He'll grab his little coaching board and draw up X's and O's. It's amazing to see at such a young age," Reggie shared proudly.

But Christopher's coaching skills don't stop there. He's also a social media sensation with nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. His father explains that the players on his team love having Coach CB around and often seek his advice. As the team gears up for the state playoffs, there's no doubt that more clips of this mini assistant coach will be circulating online.

Reggie also opened up about the special bond his two sons share. He revealed that while watching game film, seeing them interact and support each other brings tears of joy to his eyes. "They have such a close relationship, and it's heartwarming to see them grow up together," he shared.

One of the most memorable moments for Reggie was when Coach CB was trying to give a pre-game speech, and the team joined in to help him perfect it. "He was struggling to find the right words, and then one of the players suggested adding a line, and it just clicked. The team erupted in excitement, and it was such a heartwarming moment," Reggie recalled with a smile.

With his infectious energy and dedication to the game, it's no wonder that Coach CB is already being compared to legendary coaches like Doc Rivers. But for Reggie, the most important thing is that his son is happy and enjoying the sport he loves. As they say, like father, like son, and in this case, it couldn't be more accurate.

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