3 liters

In a conversation about fitness recently, we talked about water intake. I knew this was an area I wasn’t paying enough attention to. So I did some quick math.

The recommended average intake for males is ~3.7L per day. Multiple sources I checked were remarkably consistent on this. So, using this as the baseline, the next step was to subtract the fluids gotten from food – that’s about 20%. So, we’re looking at a number close to 3L per day.

I walk around with a 0.5L bottle. A quick look at the trends from the previous week is that I typically did 2 or so full refills of that bottle. So, I’m in the range of 1-1.5L or between 33% and 50% of the recommended levels.

In one word, abysmal.

It was a good wake up call. I’ve begun changing up my systems – e.g., drinking one bottle as soon as I’m up – to make a step-change here. Time to start climbing those stairs.