Trump inaccurately cites age of woman killed, blames Biden for 'border chaos'

Donald Trump implied a deported migrant killed Ruby Garcia because of Joe Biden's immigration policies causing chaos at the border.

April 2nd 2024.

Trump inaccurately cites age of woman killed, blames Biden for 'border chaos'
During a recent campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, former President Donald Trump made a mistake regarding the age of a young woman who tragically lost her life. As he addressed the crowd, Trump mentioned Ruby Garcia, a 25-year-old Michigan woman who was shot to death by her romantic partner, Brandon Ortiz-Vite, a Mexican national who had been previously deported. However, Trump mistakenly stated that she was 17 years old.

It was clear that Trump had his eyes on prepared remarks as he spoke, and it is not known who wrote those talking points or if Trump simply read them verbatim. When asked for a comment, the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to The Agency's request.

During his speech, Trump called Ortiz-Vite an "illegal alien criminal" and placed blame on "left and weak and stupid" politicians for allowing him back into the country after being deported by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. It was discovered that Ortiz-Vite had re-entered the US at an unknown date and was responsible for the heinous killing of Ruby Garcia.

"We threw him out of the country, and crooked Joe Biden let him back in and let him stay in," Trump declared, clearly using Garcia's tragic murder as an example of the dangers of allowing migrants into the country. He stood behind a podium with a sign that read "Stop Biden's border bloodbath."

Trump promised to deliver justice for Ruby, with law enforcement officers standing behind him. However, Biden's aides, along with Democrats, accused Trump of trying to use Garcia's murder for political gain.

"Donald Trump already tried to overturn one election and promised a 'bloodbath' if he loses this November," said Ammar Moussa, the Biden campaign's rapid response director. "Now Trump is doubling down, embracing political violence, and making it clear to anyone watching that he is a threat to our democracy and our Constitution."

During his speech, Trump also spoke of Ruby Garcia's contagious laughter and how she would light up a room when she entered. He claimed to have spoken to some of her family members and heard the same sentiment from them. However, Garcia's sister, Mavi, told FOX 17 that Trump did not speak with them and declined to comment on his visit.

The tragic murder of Ruby Garcia serves as a reminder of the dangers of illegal immigration, according to Trump. He plans to continue his fight to secure the border and protect American citizens from similar tragedies. As the election approaches, Trump stands firm in his belief that a Biden presidency would only lead to more violence and crime.

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