Trump hosted a dinner with $200 worth of burgers and hot dogs after paying respects at a police officer's wake.

Former President Trump ordered a large amount of fast food at All American Hamburger Drive In in Massapequa, according to reports.

March 29th 2024.

Trump hosted a dinner with $200 worth of burgers and hot dogs after paying respects at a police officer's wake.
Former President Donald Trump made a stop at All American Hamburger Drive In in Massapequa on Long Island after attending the wake of slain New York City police officer Jonathan Diller. Reports say that he ordered a whopping $200 worth of his favorite greasy foods to take with him on his private jet back home to Florida. His senior adviser, Daniel Scavino Jr., later thanked the restaurant on Facebook for the delicious burgers they enjoyed on their flight, aptly named "Trump Force One."

The drive-in restaurant, adorned with neon signs for "burgers" and "franks," is located just a mile west of the Massapequa Funeral Home where Trump had met with Diller's family. It's a popular spot for fast food in the area, and it seems like Trump couldn't resist indulging in some of their famous dishes.

According to the manager of All American, Richard Vultaggio, Trump's order for himself and his entourage included 18 "double double" cheeseburgers, 10 hot dogs, two quarter-pounder hamburgers with cheese, 20 fries, and 10 onion rings. They also took home plenty of ketchup and mustard packets. Trump paid for the order with his credit card and left a "generous" tip in cash. Vultaggio also mentioned that Trump seemed to really enjoy the food.

The presence of the former president at the restaurant brought the community together, as other customers were paying for the meals of police officers and not allowing them to pay. Trump's visit came shortly after he called for "law and order" in light of Diller's tragic death, stating that "the police are the greatest people we have." He emphasized the need to "toughen up" and make a change because the current system is not working.

This is not the first time that Trump has ended a serious appearance with a visit to a food joint. In June, after being arrested and booked at a federal courthouse in Miami, he went straight to a famous Cuban restaurant and shouted, "Food for everyone!" And in October, during his civil fraud trial in New York, two men were seen delivering multiple bags from McDonald's to the courthouse, presumably for Trump and his team.

It's clear that food is one of Trump's guilty pleasures, and he doesn't shy away from indulging in his favorite greasy treats. But amidst all the controversy surrounding his presidency, it's nice to see him taking a moment to appreciate some good burgers and fries.

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