The gentle giant had "golf ball-sized" lumps on his head like "grapes" and "oranges", making him even taller.

He likened them to different fruits.

July 8th 2023.

The gentle giant had
Dan is Dr Pimple Popper's latest patient in the TLC reality programme, and he's seeking help for the growths on his scalp. Described as a 'gentle giant', Dan has bumps all across his head, from the size of grapes to golf balls, that have added a few inches to his height.

In a preview for an upcoming episode, Dan is shown describing the size of the bumps on his head. He begins by saying, “I’ve got these large lumps all over my head.” His partner then adds, “It’s like a cutie orange. Like, it’s big.” To this, Dan replies adorably, “She called me a cutie.” His partner says back, “You are a cutie.”

The 'gentle giant' is seeking the help of Dr Sandra Lee, an American dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, who has helped other patients with a 'third boob' behind an armpit, and even a man with 400 tumours across his body.

In a previous clip, another patient with cysts on the back of his head was seen seeking help. He said: ‘I think I’ve got seven or eight, the size of a pea to the size of an orange.’ He went on to explain that he had noticed two small bumps on the side of his forehead when he was 14, and that they had gradually grown larger over the years. He also said that before he started losing hair, it had covered them, but now they were more and more obvious. He opened up about wanting surgery just weeks after the death of his wife, saying, “Becky wanted more than anything for me to have these bumps taken care of. Unfortunately, she passed away two weeks ago.”

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