The Advantages Of Microcellular Foam Molding Technology

The use of foaming technology in plastic processing can reduce the weight of the product, but the traditional foaming process uses petroleum gas (such as butane, pentane) as the foaming agent. , The demand for safe and stable new foaming agents continues to expand. Under normal conditions, the amount of carbon dioxide or nitrogen dissolved in the molten resin is very small, which is not enough for foaming. The required process conditions, with the cooperation of perfect process technology and equipment, the supercritical state gas achieves the perfect effect of microcellular foaming.

In the injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes, supercritical carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas is first injected into a special plasticizing device, so that the gas and the molten raw material are fully and uniformly mixed/diffused to form a single-phase mixed sol:

The sol is introduced into the mold cavity or die, so that the mixed sol produces a huge pressure drop, so that a large number of bubble nuclei are formed inside it; A microcellular foamed plastic product is obtained.

Melt and plasticize resin under predetermined back pressure, inject SCF N2 or CO2 into molten resin quantitatively; form a homogeneous solution after further mixing/diffusion, and maintain this state before entering the mold cavity; inject into the cavity, Through the thermodynamic instability during the injection process, a large number of bubble nuclei are instantaneously formed; during the filling and cooling process, the bubbles grow and are fixed to obtain a microcellular foamed product.

Technical advantages

- Greatly improve product dimensional accuracy and shorten product development cycle;

- Significantly reduce product residual stress, reduce and improve product warpage deformation, and improve dimensional accuracy;

- Eliminate the surface sink marks, no sink marks on the surface of the product;

- Effectively shorten the molding cycle of thin-walled products and improve production efficiency;

- Effectively save raw materials, reduce product quality and save raw materials;

- Reduce clamping force requirements and save manufacturing costs;

- The foaming agent is low cost, environmentally friendly and suitable for all application fields;

- Improve product dimensional accuracy and stability;

- The fluidity of the mixed sol is enhanced by 20%-40%, the viscosity is low, and the filling effect is obvious;

- The microporous structure effectively improves the internal stress distribution;

- The supercritical gas equipment is simple in process, low in cost, and environmentally friendly;

- Zero emission of pollutants in the manufacturing process, and the products do not contain chemical residues.

Economic advantage

- Gain the means to reduce manufacturing costs in the long term

- Get an easy way to improve product quality

- Access to strategic development opportunities


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