Russian attacks on Ukraine's power grid continue while Kyiv fights back by using drones to attack enemy oil depots.

Russia and Ukraine continue to exchange attacks on power grids and oil facilities, with no significant shifts in the front line.

June 20th 2024.

Russian attacks on Ukraine's power grid continue while Kyiv fights back by using drones to attack enemy oil depots.
In a display of escalating aggression, Russia has once again launched a series of airstrikes on Ukraine's power grid, while Ukrainian forces have retaliated with cross-border drone strikes on Russian oil facilities. This ongoing conflict has seen little change on the front line, as both sides continue to target infrastructure far beyond their immediate borders.

According to officials, this latest attack marks the seventh major assault on Ukrainian power plants by Russia in the past three months. The Ukrainian Air Force reported that nine missiles and 27 Shahed drones were fired at energy facilities and critical infrastructure in central and eastern Ukraine. However, their air defenses were able to intercept all drones and five cruise missiles, preventing any significant damage.

Despite this, the attack still caused extensive damage to power structures in four Ukrainian regions, including Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, and Vinnytsia. The national power company, Ukrenergo, reported that seven workers were injured in the attack. As a result, they were forced to implement extended blackouts across the country, despite efforts to import electricity and receive emergency supplies from European countries.

Private energy company DTEK also reported damage to one of its power plants, with three employees injured and equipment severely damaged. This is just the latest in a series of strikes that have caused rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine, affecting both households and industries.

Meanwhile, in Russia, two regions reported fires at oil storage depots as a result of Ukrainian drone attacks. This comes just two days after a massive fire was sparked by a Ukrainian strike at another refinery. The Ukrainian government has been targeting these facilities in an attempt to disrupt Russia's war machine.

According to officials, the head of Russia's Adygea region, Murat Kumpilov, stated that a Ukrainian drone attack caused a fire at an oil depot in the town of Enem, which was later extinguished. Similarly, the head of the Tambov region, Maxim Yegorov, reported a fire at an oil reservoir at an oil depot in his region. In the Krasnodar region, a drone strike hit a private house in the town of Slavyansk, resulting in the tragic death of a woman.

In response to these attacks, Russia's Defense Ministry claimed that they had downed 15 Ukrainian drones in three regions, but did not mention any resulting damage. As the conflict between these two countries continues to escalate, it is clear that both sides are willing to go to extreme lengths to strike at one another, even targeting distant infrastructure that affects the lives of innocent civilians.

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