Rabble and Everybody Eats Philly join forces to foster connection and support within the Philadelphia community.

Philly's Black community coming together to celebrate Juneteenth BBQ on June 18.

June 16th 2023.

Rabble and Everybody Eats Philly join forces to foster connection and support within the Philadelphia community.
Rabble, a social discovery app focused on connecting people to community events that align with the issues they care most about, is excited to announce its partnership with Everybody Eats Philly, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing food security. The partnership kicks off at Everybody Eats Philly's annual Juneteenth BBQ on June 18, bringing together Philadelphia's Black community and allies for a historical celebration of Black freedom.

Rabble chose Everybody Eats Philly as its first major partner, as Philadelphia has a huge college-aged population that lacks an entry point to gather for purposeful activities. With the understanding that 94% of Gen Z are passionate about a social cause and 73% of Gen Z report feeling lonely and in search of community, Rabble aims to serve this demographic.

"Philadelphia is primed to be a leading hub for change, which underscores why Rabble chose to partner with Everybody Eats Philly," said Becky Wang, co-founder and CEO of Rabble. "The annual Juneteenth BBQ allows us to engage with a core subset of Philadelphia's youth, offering them a single destination to remain connected and discover future actions to support in their community. We're proud to partner with such an impactful nonprofit and honored to have a seat at their table as we continue to make strides in our goal to curate local impact experiences in cities across the country."

In the past three years, attendance to Everybody Eats Philly's annual Juneteenth BBQ has gone from 250 people in 2020 to more than 2,000 people in 2022. To continue this momentum and maximize the event's impact, Rabble engaged more than 25 organizations, including the Philadelphia Eagles and San Pellegrino, to make donations such as signed jerseys, gift cards, theater tickets, and food. Money raised from these donations goes directly to Everybody Eats Philly and their mission to increase food security and build community. Brands are able to track the impact of their donations directly from the Rabble app, and event organizers are able to track proof of attendance and donations to assist with environmental, social, and governance tracking.

"Thanks to Rabble, Everybody Eats Philly has been able to reach donors that we never thought to reach out to in past years, while also widening our presence across the city's wide population of college-aged youth," said Stephanie Willis, founder and CEO of Everybody Eats Philly. "We look for partners who understand how to serve and listen to the Philadelphia community to create magic, and Rabble reflects exactly that. We're thankful our community members — especially youth who are interested in getting involved but don't know where to start — will have the opportunity to register for their platform and create positive change in Philadelphia and beyond for years to come."

Through the partnership, event attendees will gain access to Rabble's marketplace, allowing them to connect with other local members and grassroots organizations with similar interests. The goal of these connections is to build long-term community and impact. These new bonds allow groups to support each other for future events that closely align with the social justice issues they are most passionate about.

For future events, Rabble's core focus will remain on reaching young change makers and event organizers that are looking to build local connections and take action that aligns with the issues they care most about, as well as culture-driven, value-aligned brand donors that want to take a stance on a social cause and provide resources to their community in a meaningful way.

Looking ahead, Rabble plans to expand support to other issues that impact the Philadelphia community and beyond, including climate catastrophe, digital access, women's health, criminal justice reform, Black farmers, and food security in other areas of the U.S.

This is an exciting opportunity for Rabble to provide a platform for Philadelphia's youth to come together and create positive change. We are looking forward to the impact this partnership will have on the city and beyond.

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