One garment at a time

I was picking clothes out of our laundry pile to fold today. As I stared at one garment, I had this fleeting thought – what if I tried to pick two or three at the same time?

It was a fleeting thought because, of course, it wouldn’t work. I can only fold garment at a time with my two hands.

It got me thinking about two conversations I had with teammates toward the end of the week. Both involved reflecting on balls I’d dropped.

I was on a project recently that was all-consuming. These were two of a few other balls I’d dropped along the way.

Now, of course, I could wish that I didn’t drop any balls. But that’s not how all-consuming projects work.

And I’d love to pick them all up and get going. But that’s not how it works either.

All I can do is identify the issue at hand and then take the next right step.

So much of life happens one garment at a time.