Not what they seem

When asked about government subsidies, billionaire Elon Musk said “Delete them all.”

Marc Andreessen made waves when he funded Adam Neumann – who previously magically converted over $20 Billion in investments to a company worth $4 Billion – $350M pre-product to fix the housing crisis.

For years, Dan Price – the CEO of Gravity payments – built a massive social media following around leaders doing the right thing.

That’s all on one hand.

On the other…

… Tesla and SpaceX would not exist today if it weren’t for government subsidies. Tesla alone is estimated to have received over 2 billion dollars in government support.

…the same Marc Andreessen said he’s “IMMENSELY AGAINST” the development of ~130 apartment units in his elite town because they’d “MASSIVELY decrease” home values.

…Dan Price is being investigated for rape and multiple counts of sexual assault.

While such inconsistencies are especially commonplace amongst those with extreme fame, wealth, and power, they are on display all around us.

Two implications for us:

(1) Remember that things aren’t what they seem.

(2) Don’t listen to what people say. Watch what they do.