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The benefits of Smoke Water Pipe

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    Mar 15

    The Arab Hookah Arab name shishaSHISHA is part of the Arab countries and Islamic cultural traditions. glass bong honeycomb Its tobacco material is mainly made of fruit, and the tar and nicotine content is extremely low.

    Health, hygiene, gentleness and elegance are the main features of Arab hookah glass bong hand blown The nicotine content of the hookah is almost zero, and the smoke tar content is 0.01mg (and cigarettes, such as the smoke tar contained in Zhongnanhai is generally 0.8mg, 1.0mg, which shows that the harm of the hookah is much smaller than the cigarette), while smoking After water filtration, the harm of smoke will be reduced to a greater extent.

    Fruity hookah from the Arab countries, because it is basically free of nicotine, and has a strong fruity flavor. glass bong girly This kind of hookah is more than half an hour, equivalent to 18 cigarettes, but the toxin is only a few percent of a cigarette.

    Because the shredded tobacco is composed of 30% tobacco and 70% fruit and syrup. glass bong for smoking It will not pose any harm to the human body, nor will it allow third parties to smoke second-hand smoke. Only the fragrance of fruit will remain in the air.