Games Inbox: Is Elder Scrolls 6 coming to PS5? What's the power of Switch 2? Will Final Fantasy 16 be a success?

Reader supports video game remakes, not impressed by Ghostrunner 2 demo.

September 19th 2023.

Games Inbox: Is Elder Scrolls 6 coming to PS5? What's the power of Switch 2? Will Final Fantasy 16 be a success?
The Elder Scrolls Online is the only option for PS5 gamers if they don't want to be left out of the gaming loop. This was the sentiment shared by the Tuesday letters page, where one reader expressed disappointment over the Ghostrunner 2 demo.

It's frustrating that none of the big video game companies are on our side. We've seen this with Bethesda and Microsoft, who have both been very suspicious in their handling of The Elder Scrolls 6. Ever since legal evidence of Phil Spencer saying it would be an Xbox exclusive in 2021 was uncovered, the pair have done their best to gloss over the fact.

We've now seen further evidence that they have no intention of making The Elder Scrolls 6 available on PlayStation 5, while Call Of Duty will be on every format possible. It's understandable that they want to benefit from their purchase of Activision, but it's still annoying to witness.

At least we have Starfield, although Jay was right to point out that it's more of a cubic zirconia than a diamond. It's tedious and repetitive, but I've still put in nearly 100 hours, acquiring a new ship, floating around a zero-G casino, hunting skill/perk books, and all sorts of other silly and wondrous activities.

Fortunately, the Mortal Kombat 1 remake is here to take the spotlight away from Starfield for a few days. It's amazing to see Nintendo, my longest gaming love, doing well again, but I can't help but wonder what a Nintendo without the main man, Shigeru Miyamoto, would look like. He's been preparing for retirement for decades now, and it will be strange to see Nintendo without him.

The Reader's Feature warned us that the hype for the next generation of consoles is getting out of control, and Activision's thoughts that the Switch 2 is less powerful than the PlayStation 4 is a good reminder that we should be more realistic in our expectations. Xbox One level graphics are likely all we can hope for, and that will still be a big step up from the current Switch.

Finally, it's great that remakes exist, because it means that I can enjoy games years later as if they're completely new experiences. I had this experience with Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space, both of which I had never played before the remakes, and now they're some of my favourite games ever.
The Elder Scrolls Online is the only option for PS5 gamers looking to get their hands on the latest installment of the iconic franchise. Fans of the series have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Elder Scrolls 6, but so far Bethesda and Microsoft have been tight-lipped about the details. This has left many fans feeling unheard and left out in the cold.

The Tuesday letters page recently spoke up in favour of video game remakes, with one reader unimpressed by the Ghostrunner 2 demo. To join in the discussion, readers can email their thoughts and comments.

Unfortunately, many gamers are left feeling like they don't have any allies when it comes to these big corporations. They're not our friends and they don't care if we want them to be. As an Xbox gamer, I've been enjoying Starfield, but that doesn't mean I'm blindly following Microsoft and Bethesda.

The whole situation with the review copies was bad, and classic Bethesda, but Microsoft hasn't been much better. The legal evidence of Phil Spencer saying that The Elder Scrolls 6 was an Xbox exclusive back in 2021 was clear as day, and yet they've acted as if it never happened.

Plus, there's even more evidence that they have no intention of The Elder Scrolls 6 being on the PlayStation 5. This makes it clear that they only want Call Of Duty on every format possible in order to secure the purchase of Activision. It's understandable why they would do this, but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Yoddle Diamond in the rough was right when he said that Starfield isn't a diamond. It's tedious and repetitive, but still a fun game to play. I've put nearly 100 hours into it and have only done a few main missions. Instead, I've been finding new ships, exploring zero-G casinos, and hunting down skill books. It's not a diamond, but still a great game to explore and have fun with.

Mortal Kombat 1 is here, so Starfield can rest for a few days. It's certainly been a long time coming for Nintendo, and they're finally in a position to announce the Switch 2. I don't plan on getting one, as I've fallen out of love with the Nintendo formula. But I'm happy that they're doing well again.

I'm wondering what Nintendo will look like without the main man, Miyamoto. He's been preparing for his retirement for decades now, so when it does happen it won't be as noticeable. His last credited designer role was Steel Diver in 2011.

The familiar pattern of Activision predicting the Switch 2 is less powerful than the PlayStation 4 is an example of the hype getting out of control for the console. I'm going to assume that Xbox One level graphics will be good enough, and I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, I'm thankful for remakes. I bought Resident Evil 4 and couldn't get used to the old school controls. But the remake is absolutely one of my favorite games that I've ever played. The same goes for Dead Space, which I had never played before the remake. Remakes aren't all bad!

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