Eamonn Holmes to share secrets and uncover "controversies" in a surprising career switch.

Interviews, challenges and debates: the roller coaster of life!

August 22nd 2023.

Eamonn Holmes to share secrets and uncover
Eamonn Holmes has some exciting news to share with the world after 43 years in the industry. The former Good Morning Britain host took to Twitter to announce his plans to start 'answering questions' instead of 'asking them' on stage.

The show promises to offer an intimate look into Eamonn's life, with stories from his childhood in Belfast, his successful career in television, Royal events, and even the controversies.

The one-night event will take place at The Eastwood Park Theatre in Glasgow on Wednesday 18th October. Eamonn will be interviewed by fellow broadcaster Bill McFarlan, and the couple will share stories and laughs with the audience.

Sadly, the recent reports of the cancellation of Eamonn and Ruth's travel series, 'Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives', proves to be true. The series, which has been running since 2015, followed the couple as they explored luxurious destinations around the world.

Eamonn said, ‘Sadly, the series fell victim to the pandemic – it was just impossible to get across the world to meet very rich people – and there are no plans to revive the series now. But I do feel privileged to have been a part of it and to have met people in parts of the world that are no longer accessible.’

So, if you're in the Glasgow area and are looking for a night of entertainment, why not join Eamonn and Bill for a night of stories and laughs? It's sure to be a night to remember!

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