Democracy, at its finest

Why are people killing Democracy

First and foremost, let's celebrate the beauty of political campaigns. Oh, the melodrama, the grand promises, and the noble speeches that flow like a river of honey from the mouths of our esteemed politicians. It's truly remarkable how they manage to keep a straight face while making outlandish pledges that they know deep down will never see the light of day. But, who needs realistic solutions when we can have empty rhetoric and catchy slogans? It's like a never-ending circus, and we're all sitting in the front row, applauding.

Democracy was a system that would constantly be a “Work in Progress”. The rules would be in the constitution, and the players could edit it, to improve (the game), everyone’s life/ time in the country. But, we get a few scoundrels who “milk” the syatem and do everything to edit the Rules to favour them. And this leads to Democracy as a concept; dying.