Controversial finale approaching on ITV, with viewers choosing their top picks to win.

Three finalists have been selected and they have caused controversy.

May 22nd 2024.

Controversial finale approaching on ITV, with viewers choosing their top picks to win.
Which couple will be willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top? The latest episode of the ITV reality series Fortune Hotel had fans on the edge of their seats as the three finalists battled it out for the grand prize of £250,000. The level of lies, deceit, and betrayal reached an all-time high in this penultimate episode, where couples must fight for the one briefcase filled with cash at the end of the show.

Wednesday night's episode saw four couples, Jae and Cherish, Jo-Anne and Will, Aysha and Samm, and Scott and Tommy, making and breaking alliances in order to secure their spot in the coveted final tomorrow night. Viewers were left shocked by some of the moments, including a challenge where each couple secretly ranked their peers in categories such as "biggest whinger", "biggest snake", and "most fun couple". In the end, Jae and Cherish emerged as the winners, guaranteeing them the final briefcase swap and a spot in the final.

But the briefcase swap came with its own tense moments, as Jae and Cherish went against their alliance with Samm and Aysha and swapped away their briefcase filled with money, leaving the latter couple down on their luck. Samm and Aysha faced a tough loss, while Scott and Tommy had to bid farewell, leaving the final three couples to battle it out under the guidance of host Stephen Mangan.

Fans are already fiercely divided over who they believe should be crowned the winners. Many have already declared Jae and Cherish as the top contenders. One fan wrote on Twitter, "Cherish and Jae have played a cracking game, so they are my faves." Another added, "Fortune Hotel is brilliant - a bit of a slow burner but fun - Cherish & Jae are awesome."

On the other hand, some viewers are not on Team Cherish and Jae, stating that their backstabbing ways are simply too hypocritical. One viewer wrote, "Jae & Cherish...the biggest snakes of the game!" For those not rooting for Jae and Cherish, they are firmly behind the mother-son duo Jo-Anne and Will.

But in the end, it all comes down to who will be able to snatch the crown and the hefty cheque. Only time will tell which couple will come out on top. For those looking to catch up before the final tomorrow night, here's what you need to know.

Set in a luxurious Caribbean hotel, there are now nine empty briefcases and one filled with cash, waiting for one lucky couple to strategically grab hold of before time runs out. With the elimination card out of the game, the stakes are higher than ever. The only way to leave the show is with the winning briefcase or nothing at all.

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