Affidavit of Death

Affidavit of Death

What does an Affidavit of Death Mean?

For example, you may need to inform your late wife’s life insurance policy of her Death, or you may need to pay off an old vehicle loan or credit card debt. To cancel accounts or get benefits, this Affidavit of Death and/or a death certificate are frequently required. Whenever anyone passes away, their property must be settled.

An Affidavit of Death is a statement that is often used to prove that someone has died to close their accounts and transfer and distribute their property, which includes:Closing the checking accounts of the deceasedTransferring property from the estate of a deceased person to his or her heirsTaking care of other matters concerning a decedent’s interest, debt, or claim that arose before his or her Death .

The most typical use of an Affidavit of Death is in contexts requiring the transfer of property from the decedent’s property to his or her beneficiary in several ways, including:

Joint Tenancy


Death of a Spouse

Death of a Grantor

Death Intestate

Affidavit of Heirship

Notice to Creditors

Insurance Policies

A certificate of Death is required by many organizations that need an affidavit of Death. Your county registrar or county clerk’s office should be able to provide you with a death certificate.