A couple can't get deliveries or takeout because their house is not recognized.

It's the constant annoyance with it.

April 3rd 2024.

A couple can't get deliveries or takeout because their house is not recognized.
For Lynn and John Bellamy, the struggle has been ongoing for years. It's a simple issue, really - they can't seem to get any takeaways delivered to their flat, and their home is often overlooked by postmen and tradesmen. It's not just a minor inconvenience, but a major frustration that has caused them to miss important deliveries and even had work done on the wrong home.

You see, Lynn and John live at flat number 20 on Kimpton Road in Camberwell, South London. But if you were to walk along that road, you would find that there is no flat between numbers 19 and 21. Confusing, right? That's because their actual flat is located 100 meters away, around the corner on Harvey Road. It's a small distance, but it has caused endless confusion for those trying to find them.

The situation has become so dire that Lynn, a nurse, has reached out to her local post office and even their MP for help. She's been trying to get the council to put up a map at the end of the road to guide people in the right direction. But despite her efforts, nothing has been done. Lynn and John moved into their flat in June 2022, and even after all this time, they are still no closer to finding a solution. In fact, within weeks of moving in, they started noticing things going missing.

The struggle to be found is not just limited to deliveries and postmen. It's become a daily frustration for the couple, especially when it comes to medical emergencies. John is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and any missed appointment letters could be life-threatening. Paul, a retired tradesman, has also been affected by the situation. He's had to walk down the street to flag down friends, family, and even ambulances, just to make sure they don't miss their turn.

Lynn and Paul's flat on Kimpton Road is like a hidden gem that no one can seem to locate. And unfortunately, they are not alone in this struggle. Their block has about six tenants, and many of them face the same issues. It's a constant worry for Paul, who fears that he may miss important letters and appointments due to the confusion. And to make matters worse, they've even had work done on their home - but not by choice. A tradesman mistakenly did work on a different house, thinking it was theirs.

Another tenant, Margret Henewe, also shares the same frustrations. She recently had a gardener complete work on a garden at Kimpton Court, mistaking it for her home on Kimpton Road. Like Lynn, Margret often finds herself not receiving important letters or bills, and has resorted to checking everything online. It's a common theme among the residents of their block, who continue to campaign for a sign to be put up to make people aware of where their building is located.

This situation is not unique to Lynn and John or their block. In fact, a man in Sheffield also faced a similar issue when he called 999 and was told that his flat didn't exist. It turned out that the property had never received planning permission to be converted from a dentist surgery. It's a reminder of just how important it is to have a clear and easily identifiable address. Until a solution is found, Lynn and John, along with their neighbors, will continue to struggle with their elusive flat.

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