The Generations — Or, Talking About My Generation


I was getting ready to write a blog post contrasting and comparing the various generations, so I did some research to make sure I had the demarcation lines right.

Turns out it is very complicated. Here is what I have found:

I am ignoring the Lost Generation, the Generation of 1914, and the Interbellum Generation since they would be 106-131 years old today. Sorry. No disrespect intended.

 1. Depression Era Generation, the Greatest Generation – born 1912-21 (my late father’s bunch) – 12,000,000 declining rapidly

 2. World War II Generation – born 1922-27 (some fought in WWII) – 11,000,000 declining rapidly

 3. Post War Generation – born 1928-45 – 41,000,000 declining

The three preceding generations are also called the Silent Generations, the Traditionalists. You can get an argument on that.

 4. Baby Boomers, Boomer Cohort I – born 1946-54 (my gang) – 33,000,000

 5. Baby Boomers II, Generation Jones – born 1955-65 – 49,000,000

Taken together BB I/II totals 82,000,000 making them the largest generation.

 6. Generation X, the Baby Bust – born 1966-76 – 41,000,000

 7. Millennials, Echo Boomers, Generation Y, Gen Next – born 1977-1994 (my children) – 71,000,000 – the second largest generation

 8. Generation Z, iGen, Centennials – born 1995-2012 – 23,000,000

 9. Gen Alpha – born 2013-25

Stay tuned. More to come.

Sleeping Tee

Generation Alpha grabbing a nap while pondering the future, hoping the Millennials don’t wreck the joint while she’s growing up. Loves Boomers — grand parental units — cause they can be talked into anything.

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