The concept of cheap marketing


It's difficult to overcome the costs of doing traditional marketing. You may not have wanted to pay for expensive branding or marketing materials, but end up paying more in the long run if you don't. Doing cheap marketing can be even more costly since now you're paying for cheap materials like "a one-inch ad with white space on both sides" that don't give your product or business anything of value.

Never think that the only way to succeed is to overspend on marketing and advertising. 

When people say "cheap" it often means low-quality products and services with no guarantee for success. If you want top-notch branding and marketing for your business, you need to invest in yourself. Cheap marketing is not effective. But how can you get your message out without spending a fortune?

With Digital and all the varied new options; do not go for the "cheap" billboard, just because you want a billboard. Everyone is on a shoestring budget (the length of the string varies), concentrate on a niche idea, where your limited budget is useful.