The commercial approach: the web is to sell.

December 19th 2020

The vast majority of websites skid at this point: they have no commercial focus. A website is a sales tool, it is to sell, to attract customers, or to successfully convince them.

A website, however beautiful it may be, if it has not been conceived as the sales tool that it is, is useless. For this reason, many people tell you that 'I already had a website but I abandoned it because it was useless'.

If you want your website to sell, it must have well-crafted texts, with advertising orientation, highlighting your virtues in the face of the competition, describing your services and what they contribute in such an irresistible way that the person who sees it is inevitably pushed to call you by telephone.

The web has to make your potential client fall in love, convince him 100% that you are his best option, take away the desire to look at other websites.

This is achieved with everything: the design, the photos, the videos, and with some impressive text messages that leave their mark.