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  • enxin ccc Zhejiang Anyth Trading Co.,ltd.quartz processing machine To get qualified quartz sand/powder, the first aim is to remove the impurities inside the quartz. Specific expertise in geology, chemical analysis and high purity processing are required in order to convert raw mineral quartz into high purity & high-value final product. Based on the geological setting, lab test and pilot test, Zhejiang Anyth Trading Co.,Ltd. quartz processing machine  supplies tailor-made technology to remove the fluid and/or mineral inclusions. Depending on the final quality and value, processing into high purity or high value quartz involves advanced technology  
    October 18, 2019

  • jordan lin Jordan Release 2020 , The Air Jordan 3 "Court Purple" is part of Jordan Brand's Holiday 2020 lineup and will launch during November. Dressed in a Black, Cement Grey, White, and Court Purple color scheme. Currently images have yet to leak, however its rumored that they will come in a "Lakers" theme. Using Black throughout the upper, cement print covers the toe and heel. Finishing the look is Court Purple accents. Michael Jordan's favorite Air Jordan model, the Air Jordan 1 , will receive an extended lineup throughout 2020. Nike Air branding completes the signature design. Dressed in a Court Purple, White, and Black color scheme. This offering features a combination of White and Purple on its leather upper with Black detailing atop a White midsole and Purple rubber outsole. Jordans 2019 Cheap , Jumpman's on vogue Aerospace 720 is staying true to current future-based trends and consistently releasing new colorways, this low-key addition being its 5th for the Jordan Aerospace 720 in 2020, this "Blue Fury" edition. This offering of the Aerospace 720 sports a Black textile upper with suede overlays and mesh on the circular side panels. Highlighting the shoe are Blue Fury accents throughout as well as covering its outsole. This shoe of tomorrow's look is completed by blue detailing on the heel pull, tongue text, and Jumpman insignia.
    Mar 21

  • huzhou fuji FUJI HSED Elevator Factory Share Knowledge On Maintenance Of Elevator Mechanical Brakes FUJI HSED elevator factory reminds the elevator guide rail to check the elastic wear and aging of the elastic coupling frequently. The brake action should be flexible and reliable, and the electromagnetic armature should slide freely in the guide copper sleeve. If the action is delayed, it should be repaired in time to remove the oil in the copper sleeve, and a little talcum powder can be added as a lubricant. Oil should always be lubricated at the pins. When oil deposits are found, they should be removed and cleaned. Reliable braking performance, and often remove oil stains on the brake wheels. The temperature rise of the brake coil should generally not be higher than 60 ° C, and the maximum temperature should not be higher than 105 ° C. Always check the coil terminals for looseness and ensure good insulation. When the brake is working, the brake shoes should closely and evenly fit the working surface of the brake wheel; when the brake is released, the gap between the brake shoes and the working surface of the brake wheel should be between 0.5 ~ 0.7mm, and the two brake shoes should be consistent. . If the clearance is too large, the braking deceleration will increase and the comfort will be affected. Therefore, adjust the clearance often. Especially after running for a period of time, the working surfaces of brake shoes and brake wheels are more smooth. At this time, after the brake is released, the gap can be adjusted to the minimum gap without friction, and the ride comfort will be significantly improved. When the nail that fixes the brake band is exposed, it should be replaced in time to avoid friction with the brake wheel. When the braking force is found to be weak, adjust the nut of the spring to increase the braking force. If the concentricity between the brake shoe and the brake wheel is found to be poor, the gasket at the bottom of the brake base should be adjusted in time. The above content is organized and shared by HUZHOU FUJI ELEVATOR CO.,LTD. Based on experience, hoping to help more people.
    Wed at 10:42 PM