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  • yuyaojinghaiboo yuyaojinghaiboo Related Content Of Mist Pump Box When using a spray pump, you need to press the wrench several times before spraying the cleaning liquid from the nozzle of the spray pump. There are two reasons for this lag: When starting to draw fluid, the trigger gun should start a downward stroke, not an upward stroke (the piston is outside the hydraulic chamber). When you pull the wrench back for the first time, the piston is pushed in, but no liquid is drawn out; there is only air in the hydraulic chamber. The piston slides out by itself to suck out the liquid from the reservoir. When the piston begins its first upward stroke, the pump starts to draw cleaning fluid from the Mist Pump Box . But at the same time, it also sucked up the air in the plastic tube connected to the reservoir. Before you start spraying the cleaning fluid, you need to use the pump mechanism to remove the air. Therefore, you may need to move the wrench back and forth several times. The above content is organized and shared by Rubber Rings Factory , hoping to help those in need.
    Aug 5